About us

nuovagestioneAntico Pomerio B&B is situated near the old site of the pomerio, considered a sacred area by the Romans and where it was forbidden to cultivate or build, it represents an imaginary line defining the north-east  of the Roman walls of Osimo.
In the square in front of the B&B is the roman door, made of two blocks, that used to connect the two walls and that in the Osiman tradition is called “Portarella”. The door used to open the way towards Ancona and the harbour of Numana.
The B&B is so positioned in the old historic heart of the town, in one of the old buildings typical of the town’s roads. It lays in an area rich of old and historic monuments and architecture, places from which wonderful views of the Marche’s hills (seconds to none in the world) can be admired. The very recent restructuring of the apartment has been planned with the intention to unify comfort with historic nature and to create a harmonic sensation that can be felt immediately after walking through the door.



Three bright double bedrooms with windows opening on the square below to observe the town life passing by or to capture beautiful views of the historic centre. Digital TV and WIFI available in each room.


Breakfast, integral and important part of our hospitality, is served between 7 and 10 with a buffet based on local and characteristic product from the Marche, sweet and savoury tarts and cakes, all homemade using only fresh and genuine ingredients.


Cats and dogs are free to join.


One place is reserved in front of the B&B and special agreements are in place for parking in the historic centre.


All the guest of the B&B can take advantage of special agreements with restaurant and shops in the centre of Osimo.