Portfolio Category: Bedrooms

Orchid room

Light and elegance makes this room the jewel of Antico Pomerio the same way the orchid is the most precious of flowers. Soft sensations embrace us while entering the room, evocating old styles that perfectly resist and blend with the modern loud architecture in a relaxing and sensitive balance. The decorated wooden ceiling and the private...
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Glicine room

The lavender shades of the room Glicine bring to the guest the colours and scents of old times when life was probably simpler. Tired of noises from the stressful life in the city Glicine is the perfect room for you to find peace and tranquillity. It will help you find your own rhythms within the surroundings...
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Sunflower room

This room connects the oldest rites of our knowing and understanding. The warm shades of its space take us back to our cyclic existence through the sun from the warm shades of dawn to the quiet and piece of the evening at sunset. All of this can be felt by the guest at his first...
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